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Now you no longer need your browser to download a YouTube video. Just enter a search keyword or URL(s) into VDownloader and convert one or multiple of videos at once into any format, with a single mouse click!

Downloading and converting videos could not get any faster or more convenient than with VDownloader. Check out the video below to learn about its features:

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VDownloader comes in two flavors: VDownloader Free which is available without any cost and without any download limits or restrictions, and VDownloader Plus which offers more features than any competing products:

Websites VD Free VD Plus
Download videos from any major website (YouTube, Veoh, Vimeo, DailyMotion, ...) Yes Yes Yes
Download videos in several predetermined formats (AVI, MP3, ...) Yes Yes Yes
Download one or multiple videos with a single mouse click No Yes Yes
Supports age-restricted and private video downloads from YouTube and Facebook No Yes Yes
Video download acceleration in your browser to eliminate buffering No Yes Yes
Use a proxy server to bypass location restrictions and defeat censorship No Yes Yes
Create your own custom output profiles & convert videos to any format No No Yes
Video history allows you to retrieve any video you've ever watched No No Yes
Automatically download and convert web video series through RSS feeds No No Yes
Convert files which you have already downloaded to your hard drive No No Yes
Scheduler to plan downloads & conversions when your computer is idle No No Yes
Automatically crop, watermark or add preludes/postludes to downloaded videos No No Yes

What can do for you?

Have you ever watched a youtube video that you liked so much you could watch it over again?

With not only can you re-watch the videos you can download them and save them as a video file on your pc! You can even put the videos that you love onto portable devices such as an iPod, iPhone or general mobile phones. does just that.

It converts the videos into files which are universal. Many services on the internet require you to download a program to do this. And sometimes those programs can even virus your computer. With all you have to do is enter the URL and it downloads the video straight to your computer! With one or two simple clicks you can get many videos downloaded straight to your pc. And the great thing is this is all free.

No catches at all, you can download your favourite sketch or comedy video in a matter of seconds. Any video of youtube can be downloaded and there are no limits. Once you have the video downloaded you don't need internet connection to view it. The beauty is if you are going away and can't do without your favourite video just download it onto your phone and off you go. How it works is simple. First off you look up your favourite video.

Then click it, once you are on the video copy the url at the top of the webpage where you type in a web address. You then paste it into the box on Now all you do is simply click "Download File" It is as simple as that! Now your video should be downloading to your PC. Once it has downloaded you can do what you want with it. The method is simple, the concept is amazing and it is unlimited.

That's why is revolutionary.

How to download videos from YouTube free? I wonder how many of you have this need and have made this question. You do not have to worry. Download video clips from Youtube in 2013 - of course with audio! - It is quite possible, easy and free. And now I will explain how.

Let's start from here. There are many websites, software and extensions for browsers that allow you to download videos from TouTube free and in different formats. Let's see someone explaining how to use it.

My little list will include only sofware online, because they are ideal for those who want to know how to download files from Youtube for free without installing anything on your PC. In fact, at least for me, download sotware on my pc is almost always something that I try to avoid. Therefore, I propose only free online tools.

Before you start, make a recommendation duty. Do not use these tips to download videos or movies daYoutube they are covered by copyright is illegal! In addition, it is necessary that you ask in writing to YouTube permission to perform any operation on the materials on the present.

1. How to download videos from Youtube: KeepVid

It is a very easy to use online service. To download files, you have to paste the URL of the video in the box above and click the "dowload" right. Warning: it may be that you need to update Java on your pc to proceed (which is also true for the other three tools below). Next, you'll be asked in what format you want to download the video. Then you're done.

2. How to download videos from YouTube: YouTubeSnips

Here's another website, free, helps those who do not know how to download video clips from Youtube. Its operation is similar to that of previous software online. Therefore, paste the URL of the video in the box above and click the download button "Get DL Links" on the right. At this point, you will see the link to download the YouTube videos in 3GP, MP4 or FLV.

3. How to download videos from YouTube: KeepHD

Another website that lets you download videos from YouTube in 3GP, FLV and MP4. The operation of the tool is also here very simple: just enter the YouTube video link to download the string "Enter URL of Video Page" and click on "dowload" at the bottom right. After that, they will appear below the link to download the video in various formats.

4. How to download videos from Youtube: SaveVid

This is the fourth online tool that allows you to download video clips from YouTube. Its operation follows closely that of the other three above. How do I download a file, then? You paste the URL of the video in the top bar and click on the download button at the bottom right. Once this is done, you just have to follow the simple instructions below and save the file downloaded to your PC. This online tool allows you to download videos saving in multiple formats: FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG and WMV.

5. How to download videos from YouTube: Zamzar

This is the fifth and penultimate online software that solves the problem of how to download video clips and audio from YouTube. How to use? You insert the video URL to download the appropriate field. You choose the format to convert the video. You enter your email address and, finally, click the button to download convert video from YouTube in your mail box.

6. How to download videos from YouTube: SaveMedia

This is the sixth and final online program that allows you to download videos from tube. How does it work? No worries: this software is very easy to use. You copy and paste the URL of the file to be downloaded from YouTube in the space provided, then click on the "Download by URL". Finally, click on one of the links shown, depending on the desired quality of the movie. In short, this is an easy and fast way to solve the need of downloading online videos.

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